The days of get rich quick blockchain marketing schemes leaning on sweepstakes and guerilla marketing techniques are over. We think it’s time the blockchain marketing world take a step forward. What worked for the ICO days in blockchain marketing in 2017 won’t work today. Now more than ever, a more thoughtful understanding of your project offering and establishing a true product market fit is what will bring about success over coin drops and a couple posts in Reddit. Now don’t get us wrong, many tactics are still in play for blockchain marketing, but now is the time to solidify your strategy and the look and feel of the brand so that those tactics hold water and motivate an ever increasingly savvy audience of investors and users. Building something, no matter how useful, if the blockchain marketing isn’t clear, concise and motivating, will be ignored by the marketplace without strong blockchain marketing.

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We provide marketing support to the global cryptocurrency industry, with specialized expertise in blockchain, digital currency, crypto trading, exchanges and initial coin offerings.

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We are a decentralized group of the best marketers in the game. Our team comprises of the best Strategists, Designers, Creatives, Growth Hackers, PR Managers, Copywriters and videographers in the business. Your Blockchain Marketing will set new standards as we raise the bar for each project we partner with.


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